Capoeira is a fight, a dance, a lifestyle.


Capoeira, in simple terms, is an Afro-Brazilian art form rich in tradition and history. Capoeira incorporates martial arts defense and attack, kicks, dodges sweeps etc.with dance like movement, music, rhythm and song into an ever changing and evolving physical and mental chess match. Students of any age, sizes and ability level are welcome. This discipline is for everyone and anyone interested in gaining physical and mental strength, flexibility and confidence, while encouraged and supported by a tight-nit community of Sul Da Bahia Capoeiristas. Daniel Yoshimi--Professor Chin--was born in Santos, Brazil. He began his training in Capoeira with Sul Da Bahia under the direction of Contra Mestre Eros in 1995. Professor Chin has a natural gift as a teacher and mentor to kids and adult students alike. Chin's dedication to the community of Santa Barbara is outstanding---for over 10 years he has created programs geared to support 'at risk' kids, low-income families, and has volunteered countless hours for local charities and various non-profit groups. Chin's love of Capoeira can be seen in all that he does. His classes are playful, physically challenging and eclectic, while maintaining the rich traditions of Capoeira. Professor Chin teaches classes in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Ojai regularly.



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