Capoeira LifeChallenge

Here is our guide lines:

1. No sugar: fruits are ok but avoid fruits high in sugar exemple: bananas, mango, figs.) Fruits with low sugar: avocado, raspberries, strawberries)
2. No gluten - Gluten free products are usually highly processed so you want to stay away from them too)
3. No alcohol.
4. no dairy ( i will still use grass fed butter for my coffee) and you can too! Maybe even grass fed Ghee

The first 7 to 10 days is your preparation for the challenge. So if you have any food addictions you will reduce them and take off your diet.

Add at least one extra day of capoeira training and one more workday of your choice.  Azteca will provide a body weight workout for the week as well.

Avoid as much processed food and fried food, sorry no french fries. Keep as much local as possible. 
Farmers market is a great choice of buying local and fresh veggies and meats.

Food to add in our diets: Garlic, Turmeric, Chia seeds, avocados, hemp seeds, Açai, cacao nibs, maca powder, kale, coconut oil, bone broth.

1. Cryotherapy - SB Cryotherapy has offer a $25.00 for the first treatment call (805) 770-7437 and ask for Becca Mention the capoeira challenge
2. Cold showers :you can slowly make your way into it.
3. Drink spring water
4. Have a gap of 12 hours between your last meal in the night to your first meal in the morning. Liquids are fine.
5. Drink a green smoothie per day and one cup bone broth.
6. No cell phones, computers one hour prior to bed.
7. Dr Lizzy Clapham. She is a Naturopath and will do a session with you which will help you get to know your bodies allergies. 
Call 805-679-1189 to schedule with her.
8.Get a massage! Contact either Borboleta or Estrela

9. Bulletproofcoffe