CSDB Batizado 2019



Monday, November 11th: Test at BAC at 6pm

Tuesday, 6pm November 12th:  Music & History workshop & potluck at Chin's house . Bring instruments.

Wednesday, November 13th : Workshop at 6pm at BAC

Thursday, November 14th :Workshop  at 6pm at BAC

Friday, November 15th : Workshop at 6pm and 7pm. Roda and Potluck dinner after

Saturday, November 16th : 

10:00 am Brazilian percussion with Marceu Lima

11:00pm - Capoeira Workshop

1:00pm Roda

3:00pm Lunch break

4:00pm Kids Workshop

5:00pm Batizado

9pm After party at BAC  $10.00 All ages

Sunday, November 17th :

12pm BBQ



Mestre Lucas, Colorado

Mestre Roque, Long Beach, CA

Mestre Pedro Cruz, Portland, OR

Mestre Paulo Batuta, San Diego, CA

Mestre Mariano, Santa Barbara, CA

Contra Mestre Tigresa, Seattle

Contra Mestre Varal, Lomita, CA

Contra Mestre Fabio, Petaluma, CA

Professor Sale, San Francisco, CA

Professor Chipa, Oakland, CA

Professor Kaçador, Oakland, CA

Professor Quati, Santa Cruz

Professor Massape, San Diego

Professor Saracuru, Los Angeles





For CSDB students please pay in class.

For out of town students:

Friday only $40.00

Saturday only $50.00

Friday & saturday $75.00

Batizado only $20.00 ( include tshirt)

Instructors and teachers $30.00


Click on the link bellow to pay for the batizado

or venmo @capoeirasb

from 25.00
Batizado 2019
from 25.00